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Dear Parents, and carers,

As we informed you last week following Government advice your local school has now closed for all children other than those of key workers and those most vulnerable children in our community.

For a list of key workers visit:

The latest definition and guidance on vulnerable children is here:

We are endeavouring to keep open childcare facilities for those children who need it most and who fit in the categories above.

Please can I remind you that if do not fit in this category, or can make alternative arrangements, the clear government advice is during this difficult time you should keep your children home rather than send them to school where possible.

It is NOT compulsory for key workers' children to attend school if there are other options available. We are offering only essential childcare provision for those families who have no other options.)

The whole point of this approach is to reduce the spread of the transmission. 

Therefore schools are "open", but literally only want the absolute minimum number of absolutely essential number of students, so that they can deploy the minimum number of staff and therefore expose the minimum number of children, staff and their families to this risk. 

If you have any queries or doubts please contact the office on 01274 546496

Best wishes 

Mrs A Proctor