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In Reception we are learning to recognise our numbers, count objects as well as combine them to find the total.  You can help us at home by following some of the easy steps below.


Number Recognition


‚ÄčNumber recognition to 10 and beyond is a key part of children development whilst in Reception.  You can help us by introducing us to numbers up to five and when we are able to recognise these, move on to numbers to ten.  We could even learn these numbers outside by playing hopscotch.  

By talking to us about numbers in the environment we will develop the ability to recognise numbers more quickly.  Talk to us about numbers we see on doors when walking to school, on car number plates as well as numbers in the supermarket.

If you need any help and would like further ideas on how you can help us you can ask Mr Hooton who would be happy to give advice and resources such as number lines for us to use at home.




Counting is an important part of mathematics and a skill we need in our daily lives.  You can help us by encouraging us to count to five, perhaps through number songs such as '1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I caught a fish alive'.  You can also help us develop counting skills through simple jigsaws.  When we can count to 5, help us to count to 10 and then to 20.

We can use fun and familiar objects to count such as teddies, toy cars, marbles, shells and our favourite - Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons!  You can model counting with us by using the Touch, Move, Count strategy, by touching the object, moving it to a different pile and saying the numeral out loud at the same time.  Keep practising this with me until I get really good at it.