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Hi kids,


It is really important to keep both our mind and body active whilst staying at home so here are some fun daily fitness activities. I will also keep adding skills drills that you can have a go at. You need very little or no equipment so get busy. 


Let me know how you go on. 


Mr Swales yessmiley


Week starting 13th July

Hi all,

See below for:

1. Daily Joe Wicks workouts (3 sessions per week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays)

2. Youth Sport Trust 60 second physical activity challenges

3. Chance To Shine Cricket Challenges

4. Cricket Skills & Drills (New You Tube channel from Cricket for Girls creators)

5. Cosmic Yoga sessions (something for both mind and body)



PE With Joe | Saturday 11th July

Catch up on Saturdays work out

Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

May The 4th Be With You

Boogaloo Song

A really fun dance to learn and not much space required.

Session 1 #GymnasticsWithMax

****Only complete first half of video to the cool down around the 20 minute mark****
Hi Kids, plenty of things we have covered in school here with stretches, bean game, basic shapes and jumping/landing activities. Always make sure you have enough space especially above your head when jumping and keep your head up with eyes forward. Good luck.