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The Last Week of Term

As this is the last week of the school term, and year, things are a little different this week.



Carry on with your Boy87 work.



As a final, revision task I want you to tackle three SATs-style papers (one arithmetic paper, and two reasoning papers).

Do these over three separate days this week. 



This is not just the end of the term; this is not just the end of the school year.  It is also the end of your primary schooling and your time at St Philip's.


So, I want you to think about your memories of your time at school.  Write/draw/present something about your memories.  What has stuck in your mind?  What have you really enjoyed?  Have you any funny stories or memorable anecdotes about any of the staff?


Once you have done what you have done, email it to the school office:


Do this by Wednesday  17th July 2020, and I'll try and get it put together for an end-of-year presentation.