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Thursday 11th Feb 2021

Reading (60 minutes)

Read the final two chapters of Cole's Kingdom.

As usual, write a summary of what happens in both chapters.

Look up the meanings of any words you do not understand - but only if that lack of understanding is getting in the way of following the story.



Carry on with your memorisation of Edward Lear's The Jumblies.

This should not be done all in one continuous hour.

You will learn this better by having three 20 minute sessions throughout the day.



Starter: using digital roots to check multiplications (20 mins)

Digital roots can be used to check whether your answer to a multiplication is probably (not definitely) correct.
If you have forgotten how to work out digital roots, go back to yesterday's maths.

This video will explain how to use digital roots to check multiplications. 

The teacher mentions matrix multiplication; you can ignore that method. Just pay attention to how she uses digital roots to check her answers.

These are the steps she is going through.
1) Find the digital roots of each of the 2 numbers you are multiplying together.
2) You should know have two digital roots.
3) Find their product (i..e multiply them together).
4) Find the digital root of that product.
5) Find the digital root of the answer
6) The digital roots at steps 4 and 5 should be the same.
7) If steps 4 and 5 give you different digital roots, you have made a mistake.

Make up some multiplication questions of your own, or use the attached sheet, and see if you can put this checking method into practice.

Main: complete the 4 operations problems sheet. Answers are provided, so you can mark your own. Do upload work to Tapestry, and get in touch if you have any difficulties.


Art (90 minutes)

Today's lesson is on perspective. Specifically, 1-point perspective.
You will learn how to represent 3D shapes on a 2D sheet of paper.

Video 1:  This teaches some basics. You only need to watch the first 5 minutes. Then follow along, pausing as necessary.

Video 2:  Using the skills of video 1 to draw a 3D word. Watch, then follow along with pausing as necessary. Why not have a go with your own name, or your initials?

Don't just try each video once. Attempt each video twice or three times. Practise to imbed the new skills you have learned.