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Thursday 14th Jan 2021


Read the attached Mary Anning text, which is a series of diary entries.

Then answer the questions. Feel free to use a dictionary as necessary but only after having a go at working out what the meaning is yourself.

Also spend some time reading over yesterday's Macbeth diary entry, written by yourself.

Read it out loud, two or three times. If possible, record your reading and listen back to it.

Make any corrections necessary, and any edits/improvements you think it needs.



Do Arithmetic Test 2, which should be in your pack. Spend 30 minutes on this, in test conditions.

In case you have mislaid it, a condensed version of 10 arithmetic tests is attached, as are the answers to test 2.

Mark your own, and share your mark with me.

Then, watch the following video on volume: 

Make notes on it, because tomorrow's maths is on this topic.





Time for some Macbeth related art.

Much of Macbeth is about things not being as they seem. The witches' statements, for example, seem to contradict each other.

In the play, Lady Macbeth advises her husband to "look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it." By this, she means that he should appear to be innocent to hide his devious and murderous plans.

So, your task is to produce a piece of art which seems to be innocent but hides something more dangerous.

Here is a link to a video which shows what I would like you to produce. 

The artist in the video uses paint, but you can use pencil crayons and/or felt tips as you see fit.

You may not have colours at all; in that case, just draw without colouring.


If you have an idea of your own, with the same theme, feel free to do that instead.