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Task 16



What happened at the





Of the story?


Task 17

When you listen to the book again. I want you to listen out for the rhyming words.


Aliens Love Underpants


Claire Freeman & Ben Cort.



Aliens love underpants,

Of every shape and size.

But there are no underpants in space.

So here’s a big surprise


When aliens fly down to Earth

They don’t come to meet YOU

They simply want your underpants –

I’ll bet you never knew!


Their spaceship’s radar bleeps and blinks

The moment that it sees

A washing line of underpants.

All flapping in the breeze.


They land in your back garden,

Though they haven’t been invited.

“Oooooh, UNDERPANTS!” they chant,

And dance around delighted.


They like them red, they like them green,

Or orange like satsumas.

But best of all they love the sight

Of Granny’s spotted bloomers.


Mum’s pink frilly knickers

Are a perfect place to hide,

And Grandpa’s woolly long johns

Make a super-whizzy slide.


In daring competitions,

Held up by just one peg,

They count how many aliens

Can squeeze inside each leg.


They wear pants on their feet and heads

And other silly places.

They fly pants from their spaceships and

Hold Upside-Down-Pant Races!


As they go zinging through the air,

It really is pants-tastic.

What fun the aliens can have,

With pingy pants elastic!


It’s not your neighbour’s naughty dog,

Or next-door’s funny game.

When underpants go missing,

The ALIENS are to blame!


But quick! Mum’s coming out to fetch

The washing in at last.

Wheee! Off the aliens all zoom.

They’re used to leaving fast


So when you put your pants on.

Freshly washed and nice and clean.

Just check in case an alien

Still lurks inside, unseen!


Task 18


Make a repeated pattern like this one.


Task 19


Have a look at this story. It explains the Covid- 19 Virus for children.


Listen to this story called, ‘My Hero is You’


Task 20

Can you sketch an alien?


Hold your pencil lightly and do not press hard.