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Thursday 21st Jan 2021



Read Chapter Three of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer.

You can follow along with this video: 

During and after your reading , respond to the questions on Jazz Harper Sheet 4.

Then, complete the Nouns and Pronouns sheet. Remember: a pronoun is a short word (such as him, it, me) which replaces a noun. (Not just a name, as the teacher says in the video.)




You should have a set of sub-headings and notes about lions.

I want you to write up your notes as a report on lions.

Remember the following features of reports:

Contain factual information i.e. write about lions in general, not a specific lion.

Usually written in the present tense.

They include technical vocabulary (words specific to the topic i.e. words special to the topic of lions)

They are written in a formal style - avoid contractions and informal vocabulary. The passive is usually used - try to use it at least once.

There may be some opinion in the text (e.g. these magnificent creatures ...), but not a lot.

Once you have written your report, take a break from English for at least 30 minutes.

Then re-read your work to see if you can make any improvements or corrections. Add illustrations as you see fit.





Starter: watch the first 1 minute and 15 seconds of this video: 

Spend a short while learning the values of the 7 basic Roman numerals. We shall continue with this in tomorrow's lesson.

Main: Watch this video to revise how to calculate the mean. It will also whizz through how to find a missing value if you are given the mean.

If you know the mean and want to find a missing value, first you need to calculate the total of the numbers.

You do this by multiplying the mean by the number of values in the set.

Now, subtract the numbers you know from the total. What is left will be the missing number.

Have a go at the attached questions. The answers are provided, so you can mark your own work.




Watch the film linked below. It concerns a group of criminals and how they get their comeuppance.

The Robber Chief: 

Now, draw a picture - or set of pictures - based on the film you have just watched.

Don't rush! Better pieces of work are produced if you take your time.

You can also usefully watch the film a second time, and note down any vocabulary items you don't know the meaning of; look those words up.