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Thursday 23rd of April

Happy St George's day!  Who was is / was Saint George?

Well activity number one is to use the internet to find out who he is or was.  Then I would like you to tell a family member what you learnt. 


2. Remember Captain Tom from yesterday?  Why don't you send him a birthday card?  His 100th birthday is on the 30th of April; which is next Thursday.  Address the envelope to:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine


MK43 0LA


3.  Get yourself outside; it's going to be a lovely day.  Practice your skipping, because when we're all back together we're going to have a Skipping Olympics.  There will be prizes for 1. quickest skipper 2.longest skipper 3. paired skipping 4. backwards skipping  5. crossing the rope over skipping  6. skipping on 1 foot  7. dancing whist skipping


4. Complete the grid below


5. Look at the BBC bitesize website; choose a lesson from between English, Maths and Music.  Music could be a good change.