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Thursday 25th Feb 2021

Reading ( 1hour)

Read chapters 7 and 8 of Anders Arnfield, and answer the questions.


English ( 1hour)

By now you should have two explanation texts.
- The Snoozatron
- The Tellyscope (written by yourself).

Today, I want you to watch the following playlist of Cracking Contraptions : 

Watch these videos, until you find a machine you would like to write an explanation for.
Then re-watch that video, and make notes on it using the same heading as when you made notes on The Tellyscope.

You do not need to write the explanation today - but make sure you have some detailed notes and that you understand everything on the features list from yesterday's work.

If you have time left, draw some diagrams or pictures which you can add to your explanation, which you will write tomorrow.


Maths ( 1hour)

Starter: Starter Sheet 3

Main: calculating missing angles on a straight line.
Remember that angles on a straight line always add up to 180 degrees.
We can use this fact to calculate the values of unknown angles on a straight line.

Watch this video: 

The video is titled GCSE maths. But do not worry - this is definitely on the Y6 curriculum. It is just that it gets revised during your GCSE years. While watching the video, do pause it and have a go at the questions that the teacher is going through.

Then attempt one of the Angles in a Straight Line Sheets (A is easier than B). Answers are provided, so please mark your own work before uploading to Tapestry.


PSHCE/Science (90 minutes)

You should have some notes from yesterday, when you watched the documentary on the brain.

I want you to put together a fact file on what you have learned. This can be in the form of a leaflet or a poster (I would suggest an A3 poster - there is lots of info to pack in). Remember to make your work both informative and attractive - use illustrations and colour in your work.

Do not rush this. You will carry on with this tomorrow, when I will allocate another 90 minutes on this.