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Thursday 28th Jan 2021


You need to spend at least 40 minutes reading today.

Spend a minimum of 20 minutes on private, free-choice reading.

Then read chapter 8 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer - you can follow along with the video. 

Complete Jazz Harper Sheet 9.



Activity 1: 20 minutes
Have another read of the CREST letter .

Download the version attached - it has notes on the SPAG features of a formal letter.

Read through those notes carefully. If there is something you do not understand, research it.

Activity 2: 40 minutes

Using the CREST letter as an example to follow, write a letter of application - addressed to Miss Hargreaves - for a job as a KS1 Playground Buddy. Before you start writing, you will need to think about what makes a good Buddy. What duties do you think a Buddy would have, and how would you convince Miss Hargreaves that you have the necessary skills?

Keep the CREST letters with notes on to hand - how many of the features of a formal letter can you include?

This may not be an easy task, as this is the first formal letter you have written this academic year. Do not worry - it is not expected to be perfect, and you will do some more writing next week .



We shall continue with some algebra next week.

Today's maths is an investigation, which you should spend an hour on. Feel free to work with someone else, be that an adult or a sibling.

A boy has three different coloured buttons on his coat: red, yellow and green.

He likes to button up his coat in different ways every day. So, one day he buttons them up in the following order: red, yellow, green.

The next day he will button them up in a different order.

How many different ways are there for him to button up his coat?

What about if he adds another, blue button. How many ways can he button his coat now it has 4 buttons?

Can you work out how to work this out if he had 5 different buttons?

To work this out you will need to work systematically. Make notes as you go, to record your thinking.

As a final outcome, I will want a report with your final answers - it should be able to convince a reader that your answers are correct.

Your report should detail what you did, and what you learned at each stage.

OPTIONAL EXTENSION (HARD): can you work out how many different ways are there of buttoning up a 6 button coat? Is there a quick method to work out how many ways there are for a coat no matter how many buttons it has? For example if it had 10 different buttons? Or 100? Or 1000?


ICT (E-Safety)

Activity 1 - 30 minutes

First, read the attached E-Safety stories - there are 5 in all.

I want you to think about what unwise decisions were made by the characters. What advice would you give them?

Activity 2 - 1 hour

Draw a poster giving advice - based on what you read in the stories - on E-Safety.

Your poster should be informative and attractive; colour it you are able to.