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Thursday 2nd of July

1.  Continue your work on comparing durations.

2. Have a go at making an egg boat from an egg box. You will need either some fabric or paper for the sails. Some string and a wooden kebab skewer, and use tape and blue tact to fix them into place. Who will you put in to sail the boat?

3. Read the story of the Enormous Turnip and then answer the questions. Print out the story and questions below if you can.

4. In the story the characters were trying to pull up a turnip from out of the ground.  Could you ask an adult if you could do some gardening, or at least some tidying up of your garden. You could sweep, scrub, clean, tidy, - as well as getting exercise you can do something useful! 

5.  Check out today's BBC bitesize and complete a lesson of your choice.