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Thursday 4th Feb 2021

Reading (40 minutes)


Read chapter four of Cole's Kingdom.

If there are words you need to know the meaning of, look them up.

By "need to know", I mean words you need to know the meaning of to follow the story.

After reading this chapter, I want you to write your opinion of Cole. What sort of person is he? Concentrate on his character, rather than physical features.

If you have any time left, do some private reading.


English (1 hour)

Yesterday, you should have read and analysed Jupiter Jones.

Using your story mountain, I want you to retell this story. Do not copy out chunks of my version.

When you write your story, pay attention to the following:
Write in the third person
Use paragraphs.
Use dialogue.
Show, don't tell. For example, rather than saying Julian is bored, have him acting bored.

Do not write for more than 45 or 50 minutes; do not worry about finishing the story but about the quality of your writing. Use the final 10 or 15 minutes to read over your work and make any corrections which are necessary.


Maths (1 hour)

Solve each of these problems, which are attached:

1) Ray's Dogs
2) Money Bags Problem.
3) Candles Problem

Once you have had a go at these, can you devise a shorter way of solving Candles Problems - no matter how old the person? What if the person was 100? 200? 500?
And I know people don't live to that long. But imagine an alien race who do!

If you have some time left, have a go at the Time Problem


PSHCE (90 minutes)

I want you to think about what you need to do to keep yourself physically , mentally and emotionally well.
These answers will be individual to you.

For example, even though swimming is a good form of exercise, I do not enjoy it . For that reason, I would never put it on a list of things I need to do; I would write down running instead.

And be specific. I would not write "running." Instead, I write "running three times a week, for at least 30 minutes a time."

Once you have done this, I want you to make a plan for the week beginning tomorrow: so, from 5th February all the way up to 11th February. What will you do each day to keep yourself physically, mentally and emotionally well?

Remember to be detailed and specific in your plan. During each day, tick off what you have managed to do.
At the end of the day, review the day. Did it go to plan? What would you do differently if you could have the day again.
If necessary, change the plans for future days.

I have allocated 90 minutes for this - in reality it may take a little longer, but that time should be spent over the coming week in ticking off and reviewing your daily plan.

And remember - your plans should be personal to you, as well as specific and achievable.