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Thursday 7th Jan 2020

History  - Crime and Punishment

Read through the notes you made yesterday.

There are another 2 sheets to read, which are attached.

The first one is a sheet on Roman crime and punishment in general.
The second gives further examples of curse tablets.

You now have to imagine that a Roman - either a male named Caecilius or a female named Flavia - has committed a crime against you. You have to write a curse tablet.

The crime they committed against you is up to you.

Use the examples you have been given to help you with wording.

Send your work to me if possible. 





1) Spend 20 minutes practising multiplication and division, using the sheet which is attached. This is for self-marking, using a calculator.

2) Spend 30 minutes on Arithmetic Test 1 from your pack. The answers are provided, for self-marking.

If you have any problems with any of the maths, here are your options:

1) Ask someone at home for help.
2) Search the Web for tips: the BBC website is useful, but you may also be able to find tutorials on YouTube.
3) Contact me - I shall reply by email with advice, or may ring you.





Re-read the Macbeth text, your list of vocabulary, and your summary from yesterday.

Then, have a go at the comprehension questions which you will find in your packs.
If you have the questions with an orange border, those are the ones you should attempt.

If possible, take a photo or scan of your work and send it back to me.

Attached is another version of Macbeth, as retold by Charles and Mary Lamb. This is a lot more challenging than the version you have in your packs - only tackle this if you found that easy.