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Thursday the 30th of April

1.  Have a go at completing this x 10 grid, one has been done for you.


2. Ask an adult to borrow their phone to take some pictures.  Photography is a popular hobby; it's also a great profession; think of wedding photographers, school photographers.  Take some 'happy images' so what makes you smile?  If you're really pleased with them; forward them to me at:


3. Get moving!

How many press ups can you do?  They're really difficult, because you must keep your body straight - no sticking your bum up in the air!  Keep practicing; see if you can improve the number or the speed ou can do. 


4. Reading - read to a family member, talk about what it is you've read.  Read for at least 10 minutes. 


5. Check out the BBC bitesize website.