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Tues 12th Jan 2021


Read the attached diary entry, written by Red Riding Hood. This should be familiar, as we read in class last term.

At the top of the sheet is a grid, with a list of dairy features. Can you find each of these features in the text?

Now, read the following BBC web page on apostrophes. Make notes and complete the activity. 

Now, write the first two paragraphs of a diary entry. Write as if you are the character in a traditional tale. For example, you could be Hansel and Gretel's father. As you write, make sure to use the features of a diary, and to use apostrophes correctly.

Remember to upload your work to Tapestry.


Today's work is on proportion, using the unitary method.

The basic idea is to find the cost (or weight, or capacity, or whatever) of a single item or object. Once that has been done, we can multiply by whatever number we need to to get our final answer.

Consider this:

If 9 oranges cost £2.70, what will 11 oranges cost?

First, we must calculate the cost of a single orange. We do this by dividing 270p by 9. This gives us a price of 30p for a single orange.

So, to calculate the price of 11 oranges, we multiply 30p by 11.

30p x 11 = 330p = £3.30

The following video gives some more examples: 

Try the examples as you watch the video, pausing as necessary. Make notes too if that helps.

Once you've gone through the video, work through the attached sheet. The answers are also attached, so you can self-mark.

If you are having problems, get in touch, making sure to upload your work so I can see where you are going wrong.

History - Crime and Punishment


Read the attached slides and sheets.

Complete the sheets - if possible, ask an adult to work through these sheets with you first, orally.