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Tues 23rd Feb 2021

Reading ( 40 minutes)


Read chapters 3 and 4 of Anders Arnfield.

Answer the questions.

As ever, look up the meanings of any difficult words.

If you have any time left, read a book of your own.


English (60 to 80 minutes)



Today you shall be planning and writing your own information text.

As a first step, read over yesterday's text on the Snoozatron and the list of text features.

Pay particular attention to the tense that the text is written in :it is mostly in the present tense, though other tenses are used where necessary. Can you spot any uses of the future tense?

Watch this video on The Tellyscope: the perfect antitode to having to get up to change the channel on your telly. 

Have a look at the Tellyscope Sheet, attached, to support you in your planning.

Spend at least 45 minutes writing your actual text.

Do come back to it after a break, to proofread and try to spot any errors.


Maths (60 minutes)


Starter: have a go at the attached starter questions.

Main: to find the missing edge of a cuboid (rectangular prism) if we know the volume.

Watch this video, making notes as necessary: 

Then, do the Missing Edges sheet.

You will need to know the following for some of the questions:

1 cubic centimetre = 1 millilitre

1000 litres = 1 cubic metre

If you still have time - do some work on Times Table Rock Stars. Or try the optional extension below.

Optional extension: 

Read the webpage above, and learn how to find the volume of any prism.


Science (1 hr)


This half-term's topic is the circulatory system.

I want you to watch the following video on the heart: 

Watch it through once. Then watch it again, pausing it to make notes on what you have learned.

Your notes do not have to be in complete sentences, they can be in bullet points.

Once you have your notes, spend 20 minutes trying to learn them.

Do not just read them - try to re-write them from memory. Then check your work. Keep doing this for 20 minutes.

Finally, have a look at the attached diagram of the heart.

Copy it, including the labels - but you only have to label what was mentioned in the video; the other labels can be missed off if you wish.

Extension activity (HARD!): can you draw the heart from memory?


PSHCE (40 minutes)


The main topic of this half term is "How to Stay Calm under Pressure".

Fun, enjoyable activities are a very important part of being able to build the resilience necessary to perform under pressure.

So. today's afternoon activity is just to do something you enjoy. There are some rules though:

1) Your activity must NOT be screen based. We are all spending greater than average times on screens at the moment.

2) Please upload a message to Tapestry. If you are able to describe what you did in detail, brilliant. Photos, video and sound recordings are also great. But even just a sentence will do. For example: "I built a plane from Lego"; " I went for a run in the park with my brother."

I look forward to hearing what you got up to!