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Tues 23rd June 2020



Read the text on The Windrush, and answer the comprehension questions.


There are three versions of the text, all with their own questions.  Thee earlier versions are easier than the later ones. 


You should read/answer the most difficult version you can cope with.  


There is, of course, no reason you shouldn't read all three if you want! 





Can you remember how to find the volume of cubes and cuboids? 


The link below will show you how.


Once you've revised that, try today's sheet on volume.



BOY 87


Remember to spend some time reading your set text. 

You're still making notes on it aren't you? 


If you want to do some enrichment work on why not do some research on Ethiopia.


Boy 87  is fictional, and the country is never mentioned, but it is set in a version of Ethiopia.