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Tues 26th Jan 2021



Read Chapter 7 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer.

Follow along with this video: 

Then complete Jazz Harper Sheet 7.

There is also a recipe for beetroot paint attached, which you may want to work through - but please only do this with adult supervision.




Read the attached formal letter of complaint.

Using yesterday's sheet to help you (page 2, CREST Letter - attached again for your convenience), see if you can find the features of a formal letter in the letter of complaint.

Next, I want you to do some dictation - if you have an adult or older sibling to help you.

They should read the complaint letter aloud,  pausing every two or three words.

I want you to listen to this, and write what you hear. Write on alternate lines (the reason for this will become clear).


Once you have finished, they should read it again so you can check your work. 

Now, check your writing against the original; underline or highlight any mistakes you made - you can write the corrections in the lines you missed out.

At least 1 hour later, read the text again and repeat the dictation exercise. You should find that the number of mistakes you make has fallen.

Report back to me the number of mistakes you made at dictation 1 and at dictation 2. Remember - it does not matter that you make mistakes; what is of interest to me is how much you improve between the two dictations.




Complete Times Tables Test 1. Time yourself, and mark your own (answers attached).

Spend some time on Times Table Rock Stars.

If you have forgotten or lost your login for Times Table Rock Stars, please contact me .

Watch the following video on algebra: 

Make notes as necessary.

Complete the attached algebra sheet. Remember to show your working out.
Mark your own work, using the answers provided.


Art (Sci-f- Themed) 


Follow the video on how to draw Buzz Lightyear. 

Now, Toy Story is not a science fiction story. But Buzz is a spaceman! You can use the skills you are practising to help illustrate the sci-fi we will eventually be writing.

As before, have a go at this twice more - making three versions in all.

You should find that this helps you to develop your own style and makes you a more confident artist. If you are really confident, have a final go without watching the video.