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Tues 30th June 2020


Carry on with your Boy87 work.



Complete the ratio questions.  THese are lifted from previous SATs papers, so you will recognise  most of them.


If you get stuck, look any notes you made from yesterday's video. 




Have a look at the PowerPoint on mobile phones.


Having gone through this, you should have a list of smartphone features.


I want you to think about what new feature/app you think a smartphone should have.


Then, design an advert for that app/feature.  You can do this on paper or using ICT.


Remember: adverts should be eye-catching and easy-to-understand, as well as informative.   They often contain. 

  • repeated words
  • alliterative words
  • emotional language
  • rhetorical questions
  • colourful and eye-catching fonts 
  • humour