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Tuesday 12th May


Using your plan, start writing your betrayal story. 

All I want you to have written today is the opening and the build-up. 

Once you have written this much, take a break from your writing. After an hour or so, read this through with an adult or sibling, and see if you can make any corrections or improvements. 



Have a  go at the probability sheet. 

You should have some notes from yesterday's video.  Refer to them as necessary. 



You should have played a game yesterday.

If you have a printer, you can print and play a board game following the link below:


If you haven't got a printer, download one or two  of the games anyway, and read the rules.

This should give you some ideas of the different sorts of rules games have, above and beyond simple roll and move games. 


You can have a go at designing a board game of your own.