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Tuesday 12th of May

Today's Daily 5

1. Yesterday we looked at patterns of 3, could you write the 3 times table out?  How far can you go?  Here; I'll get you started. . . .

0 X 3 = 0

1 X 3 =  3

2 X 3 = 6

3 X 3 =

4 X 3 = 

5 X 3 =

How far could you go? Use a hundred square if you need to, keep adding 10


2.  Have another go at watching the tv with the sound on and the subtitles on.

Go on, see if you can keep up with the characters, it's a really good way to improve your fluency and expression.

3. Quick revision of spag activities

4. Last Tuesday I asked you how many sit ups, press ups  and star jumps could you do. How many can you do today?  Do a set this morning and then a set this afternoon.  Can you bet your record?  How many more could you do in the afternoon?



5. Check out today's BBC bitesize daily lessons.