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Tuesday 19th Jan 2021



1) Re-read pages 14 and 15 of Jazz Harper. Answer the questions attached.

2) Follow the reading of chapter 2 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer - use the link below: 

Complete JH Sheet 2, and the Fact or Opinion Activity Sheet.




Read the attached report on elephants. Complete the following questions and tasks, in your book.
This work will be important going forward, as we plan and write our own reports.

1) Look up any vocabulary of which you do not know the meaning. Write the word in a meaningful sentence.

2) In reports, we start with a short introductory paragraph to introduce the topic. Each following paragraph is on a single theme or topic. This makes a report an ideal text type in which to use sub-headings.

What sub-headings would you add to this text? Give a sub-heading to every paragraph from paragraph 2 onwards,

3) What tense is the text written in?

4) What punctuation can you find in the text?

5) Can you find examples of complex sentences? Click on the link if you need help. 

6) Can you find examples of the passive voice? Click on the link if you need help. 





Starter - How to calculate LCMs .

Watch this video: 

Complete the LCM sheet. Numbers 8 and 10 are a little more difficult, so don't worry too much about them. Mark your own.

Watch the video on how to add fractions: 

Then, complete the Adding Fractions Word Problems OR the Adding Fractions Word Problems Mixed Number sheet.

Answers are provided for both, so mark your own.




Draw a lion.

Use this video to help you: 

Watch it through once before re-starting it and following it.

Remember to pause the video as necessary.

Try this at least 3 times; you should find it easier each time.






We are learning about animals in science, and will be writing reports in English.

So, research lions and find out as much as you can.

Use the following webpage as a starting point: 


The webpage has been saved as a PDF file, and is attached.