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Tuesday 1st February 2021


Spend 40 minutes on your reading.

Read chapter two of Cole's Kingdom.

What is the meaning of the following words?

skirting board (p.15)
brittle (p.16)
outsmarted (p.17)
snaggle-tooth (p.19
phenomenon (p.22)
tapestry (p.23)
vaulted roof (p.24)

Write a summary of what happened in chapter two.

If you have any time left, do some private reading.



Starter (up to 20 minutes)
Start by looking back over the formal complaint letter you wrote yesterday. This should be the third time you are proof-reading it.
Read it out loud to yourself. If you can, record yourself reading it. Are there any improvements you could make. It may be that reading it out loud has allowed you to spot missing full stop or comma errors (have you missed any, or placed any where they do not belong?).

Main task: complete the reading comprehension. (40 minutes)
Complete one of the attached reading comprehensions.
Most of you should attempt the Maglev Train work.
Those of you who find this too difficult can attempt the Brilliant Brazil work instead.

Remember to upload your work to Tapestry.
If you find that you do not have enough time to finish the comprehension sheets, use some of your private reading time in the coming days.




Starter: Attempt the attached starter problems (up to 15 minutes).
You will need to think about these, especially the one with the sweets. Worked solutions will follow tomorrow.

Main: Word problems with decimals. Target Maths, p.106. (45 minutes) from the printed materials you were sent this week. In case you have not yet received those, a copy is attached.

Do section A, B or C.

You may have to do some metric conversions. For example - look at section B, question 3. For this question, I would convert the baby's weight to grammes (giving me 7800g). The percentage increase should now be easier to calculate.

Similarly, for B7, convert the 1.35kg to grammes (giving 1350g) before going any further.

As usual, if you have any problems please get in touch.


ICT (Internet Safety) - 30 minutes

Read through the attached Internet Safety Prompt Cards.

Discuss each of the cards with an adult. What would be the best thing to do?

What reasons have you for your answer?

What do you think your friends would do?


PSHCE - Children's Mental Health Week (90 minutes)

This week is children's mental health week.

A good night's sleep is vital to keep mentally and physically healthy.

Read the attached presentation, and complete any activities described.

Upload your work to Tapestry.