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Tuesday 21st of April

Today's Daily 5

1. Yesterday we looked at patterns of 2. Could you write the 2 times table out, how far could you go?  Here; I'll get you started

0 X 2 = 0

1 X 2 =  2

2 X 2 = 4 

3 X 2 = 

4 X 2 = 

5 X 2 =

How far could you go? Use a hundred square if you need to, keep adding 2.


2. Did you like the homophones from yesterday? Here are some more for you to draw.


meet       meat

tail           tale

sea          see

bye          buy

write        right


3. Use some of your used toilet rolls and kitchen rolls to make a pencil organiser.  You will also need something for the base so they don't fall out through the bottom!  You can colour them or cover them in anything you like.  I like the Minion one!

4. Back outside, but today I want you to think of different ways that you can move around your garden / yard. Make sure that you move things out of your way so that you don't trip up over anything. Think about hopping, skipping, dancing, side stepping, can you move backwards, can you turn and move? 

Be creative and remember you can always send me a video of your moves!


5. Check out what BBC bitesize have for you today, you have a choice between maths, english or geography - my favourite! Here is the link for BBC bitesize.


Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Sykes