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Tuesday 24th of March

Answers to yesterdays maths:

Start with the smallest number and place it in the tens

12,  13,  21,  23,  31,  32 then repeat using the smallest number in the hundreds

123, 132,  213,  231,  312, 321.

1. Could you complete the same activity using these 4 digits. 4  5  6  7 ?

2. Find something in your home that is symmetrical and sketch it.  Remember it must look the same on both sides!

3. Read for 10 minutes to a family member and discuss with them what it is you have read.

4. Play 'Simon Says' with a family member.  Make it really physical so that you get out of breath.  In fact, it's a lovely day put your coat on and play it outside!

5. Look at the image below and write 4 sentences about what is happening.  If you don't know the story; make it up in a prediction!


Ask an adult if there's any jobs that you could help with; hang out the washing, hoover a room, fold the clothes.

Remember I'm here for you just follow the link on the 'home schooling page'

See you soon!

Mrs Sykes