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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Reading and English ( 2 hours) 

Spend 1 hour reading the next two chapters of Anders Arnfield. You should be on chapters 13 and 14. Answer the questions.

English (Free Writing) . Look at the attached document, Picture Stimuli. It contains 4 pictures.

I want you to choose one of those pictures and do some writing. You can choose whatever text type you want. You could write a story, a playscript, some poetry or a non-fiction text. All that I ask is that your writing is based - however loosely- on the picture you have chosen.

Do not rush this. You have a whole hour to do this writing, so spend at least 10 minutes on planning.


Maths ( 1 hour)

Starter: spend up to 30 minutes on an arithmetic paper. Mark your own work.

Main: complete the attached Fractions Word Problems, all of which involve the addition and subtraction of fractions. Answers are provided.

Mark your own work before uploading your responses to Tapestry.


Art ( 90 minutes)

Read the attached presentations (A and B) on tessellations.

Complete the activities on the last slide on presentation B.