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Tuesday 9th Feb 2021

Reading (40 mins)

Read chapter seven of Cole's Kingdom.

If there are any vocabulary items you don't know, look them up if you need to know their meaning to follow the story.

Again, write a summary of what happens in this chapter.

If you have time left, do some reading of your own.


English (1 hr)


You should have a plan for your own science fiction story.

Today, spend an hour writing you story using your plan.

Pay particular attention to your story opening, which should try and hook in the reader.

Remember, stories hook in readers by starting with DAD: description, action or dialogue.

If you do not finish the story, do not worry - as long as you have written for one hour (which can be divided into two shorter sessions of 30 minutes each).


Maths (1 hr)

Today I want you to have a go at some arithmetic puzzles.

See the Cryptarithm sheet which is attached.



Afternoon -  Art (90 mins)

Following your requests in last week's Teams meeting, I shall be posting an art activity every afternoon.

Today, I want you to draw some pictures of a dodo.

You can follow one of these YouTube videos, each of which has a different style of dodo. 

Once you have chosen the style you prefer, watch the video once through before starting. When you are drawing, pause the video as necessary.

Really keen artists will have two or three attempts.