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Tuesday the 28th of April

Today's Daily 5

1. Yesterday we looked at patterns of 10, could you write the 10 times table out?  How far can you go?  Here; I'll get you started. . . .

0 X 10= 0

1 X10 =  10

2 X10 = 20

3 X 10 =

4 X10 = 

5 X 10 =

How far could you go? Use a hundred square if you need to, keep adding 10


2.  Have you ever watched tv with the sound on and the subtitles on?

Have a go, see if you can keep up with the characters, it's a really good way to improve your fluency and expression.


3. Let's see how you have improved with the old skipping rope.  Go outside at least 3 times to practice.  Get your heart rate up, your muscles use more blood when they're moving.  So get that heart pumping the blood to the muscles!


4. Do you have a pattern somewhere in your home; maybe on a carpet, wallpaper, a cushion.  Could you copy it?  Ask a family member if they can recognize where it is from!


5. Check out the BBC bitesize lessons.  Which one will you choose today?