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Tuesday the 5th of May

Today's Daily 5

1. Yesterday we looked at patterns of 5, could you write the 5 times table out?  How far can you go?  Here; I'll get you started. . . .

0 X 5 = 0

1 X 5 =  5

2 X 5 = 10

3 X 5 =

4 X5 = 

5 X 5 =

How far could you go? Use a hundred square if you need to, keep adding 10


2.  Have another go at watching the tv with the sound on and the subtitles on.

Go on, see if you can keep up with the characters, it's a really good way to improve your fluency and expression.



3. On Friday I asked you how many sit ups and press ups you could do.  Add to this routine star jumps, how many can you do? 

Mr Khalid has just told me that 38% of children are not getting enough exercise, I hope that 38% doesn't include you!

Last week Eric and I walked to school and home every day, and I was lucky to see some of you and your parents.  That was 6 miles every day - Eric and I were so tired, but it was a really good feeling!

4. Here are some contractions that have lost their apostrophes. 

Remember a contraction is 2 words made into 1, some of the letters are missing so we use an apostrophe to show where the missing letters should be.

For example: does not = doesn't -can you see that the o is missing. 

Place the apostrophe where it should go

shouldnt     couldnt       hasnt

shell            theyll          hell

hasnt           isnt            wasnt

theyve         Ive             weve

5. Check out today's BBC bitesize daily lessons.