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w/c Mon 21st Sep 2020


Last week in Maths, the children worked on multiplying whole numbers and decimals by powers of 10 (10, 100 and 1000).  This included some conversion between metric measures.


They revised the following facts:


1m = 1000mm = 100cm                       1l = 1000ml

1km = 1000m                         

1cm = 10mm                                         1kg = 1000kg


There are, of course, other metric conversions that can be usefully learned, but they are beyond the KS2 curriculum. 


The children also spent some time on solving missing number questions, using calculators .  


This week, the children will be revising the written method of long multiplication, and extending this to include the multiplication of decimals and solving word problems. 


They shall also revise short division and carry on solving missing number problems - by the end of the week they should be able to find  missing numbers in equations involving all 4 arithmetic operations.





Last week, the children responded to the Dr Seuss book The Lorax.  They watched the original animated film, which is truer to the text than the 2012 Hollywood version.


The version they watched can be found clicking below. 


The Lorax Cartoon 


After watching the cartoon, the children drew and painted pictures of their ideal environment. 


The also listened to a song by Yusuf/Cat Stevens on the theme of the environment, which can be found by clicking below.


Song: Where do the children play? 


At the end of the week, the children started a reading comprehension entitled Travelling On.

This is a SAT exam from 2005, and the reading booklet and questions can be downloaded from the homework section. 

The children shall continue with this work this week. 


In their other English lessons this week, the children shall be covering Aesop's famous fable: The Mouse and the Lion


They shall revise how to correctly punctuate dialogue, and use these skills to retell the fable. Some children may choose to tell a story with the same moral. 



Over the last two weeks, the children have learned that light travels in straight lines, and that the reflection can be used to see round corners and over objects.  To show this, the children made periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors.


This week, they shall revise what they have learned in the past fortnight, as well as working on shadows.