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w/c Monday 28th Sep 2020


Last week, the children worked on dialogue punctuation, using what they learned to retell parts of the fable The Lion and the Mouse.


This week, I hope to see some evidence of this learning as we embark on a new unit on horror fiction. 




Last week, we finished our revision of all four arithmetic operations, covering short division, and extended this  to expressing remainders as decimals.


This week, we shall solve problems (including multi-step problems) involving all four operations.


We are also revising some mathematical vocabulary, covering the following terms in lesson starters:   multiple, factor, prime number.


We shall, of course, be continuing with our weekly tables test (Wednesdays) and arithmetic test (Thursday). 



In science, the children worked on shadows, considering how they are cast and how their size can be altered.  They shall continue this week with work on shadow puppets.