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Wed 10th Feb 2021

Reading (40 minutes)


Read Chapter 8 of Cole's Kingdom.

Make sure you know the meanings of the following words:

elaborate (p.113)
abruptly (p.115)

indignation (p.117)

As usual, write a summary of what happened in the chapter.

If you have time, do some of your own reading.


English -Poetry (1 hour)


By now you should have written a couple of pages of your own science fiction story.

Read through that, and see if there are corrections or improvements you can make.

Then, let us move on to some poetry.

We are going to read and listen to one of my favourite poems: a nonsense poem by Edward Lear (1812 -1888), called The Jumblies.

A copy of the poem is attached.

Here are some readings on YouTube to follow while you are reading; follow along with your favoured reading:

Rory Kinnear (an actor): 

Michael Rosen (a writer and poet): 

Deborah Findlay (an actress): 

Now you've read the poem, here is your task for today, Thursday and Friday.

I want you to learn the poem. I am only allocating three hours for this, so I don't think you'll manage to learn all of it. Learn as much of it as you can!

It would be really good if you were able to upload videos, or audio recordings, of you reciting the poem from memory.


Maths (1 hour)

Starter: digital roots.

Watch this video on how to calculate digital roots: 

Make sure you understand it; make notes as necessary.

Practise calculating some digital roots: just make up some three digit numbers and calculate their digital roots.

This may seem like a weird thing to calculate, but it is useful - as will become clearer later this week.

Main: complete the revision activity on place value. This is an interactive document. You can type your answers into the document; make sure to save your answers before uploading any work.

Answers are provided for self-marking.


Afternoon - Art (90 minutes)


Another follow-along art video.

Can you draw a NASA space shuttle?

Here's the video: 

Watch it through once before following along (pausing as necessary).

Upload your final pictures to Tapestry.