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Wed 10th June 2020



You should have watched The Pedlar's Dream, and have some notes. 

Spend 5 or 10 minutes re-reading your notes and making sure you are familiar with the story: you will be re-writing it. 

Before you start, you will need a plan.

There should be at least 5 paragraphs, or sections for those who want each section to be more than one paragraph. 

In your plan, there should be the following sections:


Opening; Build-Up; Climax; Resolution; Ending


In each section, write a couple of sentences to remind yourself what will happen in each section. 


Then, make a start.  Today, I just want you to write the opening. 


Remember that a story can start with Description, Action or Dialogue

Dialogue is probably the easiest way: just make sure that your dialogue punctuation is spot-on. 

And make sure that your story is written in the past tense


We shall be finishing off this story over the rest of the week. 



Now that some children are back in school, we are going back to some of our regular routines.  Wednesday is back to being arithmetic day. Remember: 30 minutes for the test.  Then check your work. The answers will be available tomorrow for marking. 

If you don't finish the test in half an hour, make sure to finish the questions you missed - later in the day. 



Carry on with your note-making from yesterday.  



Yesterday, I asked you to get some pictures of birds.  Can you use your photographs as the basis for some art?


If you have lots of photographs, and access to a printer, you could make a bird collage. 

Otherwise, use some pencils to draw what you see in the photos.

You could use your imagination, and add the head of one bird to the body of another!