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Wed 13th Jan 2021


Have a re-read of the diary entry you wrote last time (the two paragraphs from the point of view of a character in a traditional tale).

Also re-read the Red Riding Hood diary entry.

Pay attention during your reading to the features of a diary entry - as listed above the Red Riding Hood text.

Now, write a diary entry from the point of view of Macbeth - until the murder.

Once you have written your piece , highlight and annotate any features of diary entries you have used.

Remember that, in a diary entry, we are looking for point of view. And that, in a diary, a character may reveal feelings they may not admit to someone else - so let those feelings out in the diary.

As ever, pay attention to basic grammar and punctuation, as well as to paragraphing.


Look back at yesterday's maths on proportion (unitary method).

Now, have a go at the attached proportion questions.

Remember to show all your working out.

If you have time, write a guide on how to solve proportion using the unitary method.

If you are in the mood to be really creative, and have the equipment, you could make a video on how to solve these sorts of problems.



Today's work requires a lot of reading - it may be helpful if you could do this with an adult.

Read the presentation (attached) called Linnaean System, and watch the video linked below: 

Write a paragraph detailing what you have understood from the text and video.

Re-read the presentation, and answer the Linnaean System Quiz, then self-mark using the answers provided.

Finally, complete the activity sheet on classifying species. You only have to classify one of the animals, but you can do as many as you have time for.