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Wed 20th January 2021



Jazz Harper, Space Explorer. Start on p.29.

You can follow along with this video: 

During and after your reading, complete JH sheet 3.

Remember to pause the video as necessary.

Then complete the sheet on changing from informal to formal language.




You should have read the report on elephants yesterday.

Have in front of you the subheadings you gave each paragraph after the first paragraph,

Here are some subheadings you may have used:

Appearance; Types of elephant; What they eat; Where they live; How they live; The future

Your subheadings may be different; that is fine, so long as you can give good reasons for your choices.

Now I would like you to use the same subheadings as you did for elephants but to use them for a report on lions.

Write the subheadings on a piece of paper; under each subheading you should write what you know about lions (remember that research you did yesterday?).

If you feel there is an area with too little information, do some more research.

Tomorrow, we shall work on expanding your notes into a fully written report.

If you have time, give some thought to what illustrations you may wish to include in your finished report. Draw them.





Starter: how many seconds in 1 minute?
In one hour?
In one day?
In one year?

If a boy is 10 years old, how many seconds has he been alive?

Main: calculating the mean of a set of data/

Watch this video, to revise how to calculate the mean. 

Have a go at the questions on the attached sheet.

Tomorrow, you will be trying some more questions on the mean - including how to find a missing value in a set of data if you know the mean value. Keener ones amongst you may want to research that before tomorrow.


History - Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Times 


Read through the attached presentation (Crime and Punishment - Early Modern Times).
If possible, read this through with an adult or sibling.
After reading it, try to write down what you can remember.
If you find you have missed something out, add it to your writing.

Where possible, write what you have learned in your own words- try not to just copy from the presentation.

Finally , complete the sheet (Crime and Punishment - Early Modern Work) - answer on the sheet or in your book if that is more convenient.