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Wed 24th Feb 2021

Reading( 1 hour)

It has been brought to my attention that the reading tasks are taking a little longer than I previously allocated for them.
So, you now have 1 hour as the recommended time for this task.

As usual, read both chapters and answer the questions.

You should have received paper copies of the text and questions by now.

If you have not, but are expecting to be in school this week, a copy should be waiting for you in the allocated classroom.

In any case, copies are attached for your convenience.

Feel free to split this reading task over two sessions over the day, each lasting half an hour.


English ( 1 hour)

Today's lesson needs you to read over the explanation you read yesterday.

Can you find examples of the following:

·informative/technical language
·layout - subheadings, diagrams
·cohesive devices - links between sentences and/or paragraphs
·passive voice
·expanded noun phrases
·adverbial phrases to give detail about when, where, how
·subordinating conjunctions to link ideas (e.g. if, because ...)
·precise details
·relative clauses (who/which clauses)

If you can find examples of these - well done.
If there are any things in the list which you have not used, try and add them to your work.

I want you to look in detail at the final paragraph or sentences of your work.
Can you use sentences which link back to previous parts of the text.

For example, here is how you could have started the final paragraph:

Despite the remarkable range of functions that the Tellyscope possesses, there are several potential dangers to look out for. If you load anything other than a tennis ball into the arm the machine will break. Furthermore ...

Notice how I started sentences with subordinating conjunctions.

I want you to look over your text's conclusion and see if you can improve it in any way.

Once you have finished your text to the best of your ability, try and produce a final, publication copy. Include illustrations and make it as attractive as you can.


Maths ( 1hour)


Starter: complete the questions on the starter sheet.

Main: Complete the money problems.

The answers are provided, so mark your own. Remember to upload your work to Tapestry.

If you have no access to a printer, I would advise you to write down the prices from the first sheet before attempting the questions.

If you still have time, I want you to try the questions again -using real prices from the website of a real supermarket (e.g. 

You may not find exact matches - so just use the nearest you can find. For example, find the price of a punnet of grapes rather than a bunch.


Science/PSHCE (90 minutes) - The  Brain


Watch this video on The Brain: 

Don't just watch the video. Stop the video and write what you have learned. If necessary, also take the opportunity to draw diagrams to illustrate any necessary points.

It is a 45 minute video with lots of info, so I'll expect lots of fact-filled notes (which do not need to be in full sentences).