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Wed 27th Jan 2021


Spelling (10 minutes): revise/learn this week's spelling words (which were shared on Friday last week).

Reading (20 minutes): Read Chapter 7 of Jazz Harper, Space Explorer. Follow along with this video: 

Complete Jazz Harper Sheet 8.



Read the attached presentation on the use of the subjunctive in English. Make notes on this , including thinking of examples of your own (which can be based on the examples given in the presentation). {30 minutes}

I know many of you will be tempted to just read the presentation. But you should make notes on it - the more you engage with the material, the more likely you are to be able to internalise it (absorb it).

If you can, discuss what you have learned with an adult or sibling [or even an adult sibling!].

Then, complete the sheet on identifying subjunctives. {5 minutes}

Now, turn back to the letters from yesterday and the day before - the CREST letter, and the letter of complaint to Al Johnson.

{10 minutes} Can you find any examples of the subjunctive ? There are not many. The subjunctive is rarely used, even by adults.

Finally, complete the sheet on using the subjunctive {15 minutes}.



Starter: Spend 20 minutes on the areas of triangles sheet. You will probably not finish them, but that is unimportant. Just do as many as you can -showing all your working. If you find these easy, make sure to try the next step question in the bottom right hand corner.
If you need some help on how to do these, your first port of call should be the work that was set on Monday 11th January 2021. You should have some notes from then and you can, of course, watch the videos again.

Main (40 minutes, including algebra sheet) : watch this, the third video on algebra:  There has been lots of information in these videos, so make sure you makes note which you can review. And remember you can always watch them again; it is also a good idea to discuss the ideas with another person.

Then have a go at the one-step algebra sheet. This will help you practise what you have learnt today and yesterday. The answers are provided, so you can mark your own work.

If you have any time left, go back to the starter and finish the triangle questions off.


Afternoon Work

It has been brought to my attention that you also have RE and PE work to get through.

This would normally be done on a Monday afternoon, with Mrs. I Hussain and Mr. C Swales.

But I forgot about that and have been setting work for Monday afternoons too! I hope you have not felt overworked.

So, I am setting no work for this afternoon. Instead, use the time to catch on any work you are behind with, prioritising RE and PE.

If you are going out for a walk or run, do take some photographs and share them here on Tapestry.