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Wednesday 1st of July

Sorry Monday's maths was supposed to be this, instead I gave you today's sorry it's not in order!!! Silly Mrs Sykes!!!

Print out the durations work here

1. Look at comparing durations: this means that say the time is shorter or longer.

Print it out here

2.  Read the subtitles on your favourite tv programme.  Can you keep up and use some expression?

3. Get some exercise done with Joe

4.  Do you remember what aliteration means?

It is when 2 or more words begin with the same sound. 

Collect 10 items from your home or garden; then think of a word to describe them that starts with the same sound.  Examples like 

spoon = silver spoon                                      phone = funky phone

flower  = false flower                                      pen = perfect pen


5.  Check out today's BBC bitesize and complete a lesson of your choice.