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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

1. Maths


Click on the link above and click on lesson 3. Making groups- sharing. Draw the sweets into your book. Then draw lines to share the sweets between Rosie and Amir. How many do they each get?

Challenge: See if you can try a different amount of sweets. 



2. Reading 

Read with an adult for at least 10-15 mins. What was your favourite part? 


3. Art

Have a go at drawing a picture of a lighthouse.


4. DT 

Collect all the materials you are going to need to build your lighthouse this may take longer to build than a day. Remember to use your design. Also remember to take photos and email them to me. 


5. English 

Watch the story The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.

Were your predictions correct? 


Now write about who the character are in the story. Where the story takes place and what happens.