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Wednesday 25th March 2020

1. Maths


In your home learning packs you will find some maths sheets to complete. Please see the link below with the video to watch first. Please complete Lesson 3- Compare mass.

Also login on TTRS. Your  logins are stuck on in the front cover of your yellow books and reading records.  


2. Phonics 


Today's sound is 'igh' fly high. How many words can you think of that have 'igh' in them? Write them down in your yellow book. Remember to watch the video at 10am. Challenge- Can you make up some nonsense words with 'igh' in them. Miss Vincent's example sighp. 


3. Creative 


In your packs you will have a sheet 'My Action Pack Character'. It is your mission to create a Eco Guardian (an animal that is really good at recycling). Your character could be like Pete the badger from the book 'Tidy'. 


4. Writing 


Look at the image below and write 3 sentences about what is happening. Think about: Where are the girl and the dragon? What can they see? What are they looking at? 

Write these sentences in your yellow books. 


5. Reading 


Read a book of your choice to an adult or older sibling for at least 10 minutes. Remember to get your adult who listened to you read to sign your reading record. 


For more books click on this link. Then click on my class login.


Username: year 1 STP

Password: Year1@STP