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Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Headteacher Miss Hargreaves                  
Assistant Head /DSL Mrs Sykes     
Assistant Head/ EYFS Mr Hooton    

School Business Manager

Ms Knowd    
Administrator Mrs Devi    
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant Mrs Jamal    
SENCo Miss Richmond-Flinn    
Family Liaison Officer Mrs Tizard    
Nursery Mrs Webster    

Mr  Hooton  

Year 1 Miss Vincent    
Year 2

Mrs Sykes  

Year 3 Miss Richmond-Flinn    
Year 4 TBC    
Year 5 Miss Hollies    
Year 6 Mr Khalid    
Nursery Nurses      
Reception Mrs Quinn    
Early Years Practitioner  Mrs Fareed    
Reception Mrs Brook    
KS1 & KS2 HLTA Mrs I Hussain    
Active Learning Coach Mr Swales    
Cover Supervisors      
Nursery Mrs Esmail    
Reception Mrs Jamal    
Year 1

Mrs F Bi

Year 2 Mrs S Bi    
Year 2 Miss J Malik Trainee Teacher    
Year 3 Mrs Shergill    
Year 4 Mrs Owczarek & Mrs Jamal    

Year 5

Mrs Ahmed    
Year 6 Mrs S Fiaz    
  Mrs F Fiaz    
SEN Assistants      
  Mrs N Altaf    
  Mrs S Bibi    
Caretaker Mr Smith    
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs A Owczarek