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Daily 5

Hello year 3,


I'm sorry that we can't meet in our fantastic classroom and continue our journey together (hopefully we will be back soon). 


I will be posting activities on this page for you to complete. This will be a mixture of subjects, I will also share videos of activities you can do at home.


If you have any questions then please email me and I'll try to help you the best that I can.


Just remember that we are an amazing team and you are fantastic children; nothing will stop you from reaching your potential.


Stay positive, we've got this.


Miss Richmond-Flinn 

Apps for you to use

Apps for you to use 1
Apps for you to use 2

Pip | A Short Animated Film

Watch the video clip about Pip.

1.Write an advert for the Guide Dog Training School 

Remember to explain why this school is the best and what fantastic things dogs can learn to do there.

2. Write a diary entry from the perspective of Pip. Pick one part of the story and write how is his training going, how is he feeling etc.