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Hi Year 4!  I am going to start putting up resources which I have used in class for you to try as a weekly top up.  They will include some maths and literacy.  I hope you have all been well and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Please find them below.


Mr Jones :).

Order decimals with 2 or 3 decimal places

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Whitby Abbey 3D fly-through - DMU Game Art

Watch this very creepy video. Can you make a story to go along with this scene? How would you describe Dracula's home? You can write it in the first person if you prefer pretending you have got lost and trying to find somewhere to shelter when you came across this place.

28th of June - Top Up - Area

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Welcome back to the virtual Summer term!  I have put some assignments on Mangahigh for you to try! :D I will be putting some activities down below too!  I hope that you have had a lovely break and managed to keep yourselves occupied. :) 

Hi Year 4!  It is going to officially be the half term holiday next week.  I am going to put on learning packs to keep you going which you can download below.  This will include some maths, English and reading. I will still try and call you each week to check you are ok. :)

Continue to use MangaHigh where you can.  The subscription runs out but I will try and get an extension. :D 

Cops and Robbers

For my Year 4 class :)

Year 4 blog


Ibraheem says, "I miss you all in Year 4!  Please stay safe! angel"


Daniel says, "Long time no see! cheeky"

Mahdi's VE day poster 'Coming Home'.

Mahdi's VE day poster 'Coming Home'. 1

Mahdi's Poem Recital

Still image for this video

Hurairah's Poem Recital

Still image for this video
Thank you, Hurairah, for being brave enough to share the first poem recital! Amazing effort too! I love the hand gestures and expressions. Thank you!

Umaimah's Art Project and Doodle :)

Ikram's Doodle

Ikram's Doodle 1

Salman's doodles :)

Amina and Halima's art project

Amina and Halima's art project 1

Hurairah's Art Project :)

Thank you Rayyan for completing your art project!

Thank you Rayyan for completing your art project!  1

Nimrah has also written a poem about Ramadan which I said I would share with you. Thank you Nimrah :)

Nimrah has also written a poem about Ramadan which I said I would share with you.  Thank you Nimrah :) 1

St Philip's weekly art project.

Below is the link to the weekly St Philip's Art Project.  Please have a go.  Let's see if we can get some really great art on our website.  This week's art project is 'doodling'. :D

11th May - Well guys..I am going to take us back to the work you did with Mrs Henderson.  You are going to look at place value as it is really important.  In Year 5 you will be working with larger numbers and more decimals so you need to understand their value. 


I will continue to put on this site whatever I can and will continue to ring you once a week.  Any work you have done, please send it.  It's always lovely to hear what you have been up to. blush


Take care, stay safe heart xx

Friday 8th of May- I apologise if you have already done this. I thought you had, but can't find it anywhere in your previous homework

Ordering Decimals from Smallest to Largest

This may help you with your ordering.

Today is VE day where the Germans surrendered to Europe. This is a picture called 'Coming Home'. Can you draw a picture in a similar style to commomorate VE day?

Today is VE day where the Germans surrendered to Europe.  This is a picture called 'Coming Home'. Can you draw a picture in a similar style to commomorate VE day?  1
If you can, try and send me the work you have done about VE day today. :)

4th of May - Today I would like you to practise your grammar. Remember to use the best words you can such as although, however and therefore. :)

Dream Giver ♥

Watch this imaginative video about dreams. Use it to create something imaginative. A picture or descriptive writing, a 3d model. Use your imagination :)

This Week's Picture News

This Week's Picture News 1

Here are the resources for Picture News. Read through them and then think about the discussion points I have written below. :)

What’s going on this week?

The toy world is in the grip of a llama obsession as the woolly South American animals become the new industry sensation! At the American International Toy Fair in New York in February, there were llamas everywhere! Knitted, plush and sequinned, small and large; llamas on mobile phone cases and swimming pool floats, llama diaries, puzzles and even backpacks.

Main question:
What makes some toys more popular than others?


Listen, think, share

  • Look at this week’s poster and talk about what you can see. Does anyone know what the animal is from the poster?

  • Talk about your favourite toys. What is it you like about them?

  • What different types of toys can we think of? 

  • Are all of our favourite toys the same? 

  • Look at resource 2, which shares Jo’s experience of toys and some of the things she played with as a child, a teenager and now. Talk to adults in your home what they used to play with as a child, teenager and now.

  • Do we think technology has changed some of our toys? Discuss if the toys we prefer use technology.

  • Watch this week’s video, which shows some of the different toy crazes over the years. Talk about which of the toys we would enjoy playing with most and why!

  • Look through the examples of some other popular toys that children have enjoyed from the assembly resource. For each one, talk about why you think it became so popular and if you would have enjoyed playing with it!

  • Jo still enjoys playing football and that hasn’t changed. Do you think there will come a time in her life when it will e.g. she will stop playing as she doesn’t enjoy it anymore because her body is getting older and it hurts?

  • Do you think adults enjoy playing with toys? Have you ever seen an adult playing with toys?

  • Can you predict what you will enjoy playing with as a teenager, as an adult?

  • What do you think the next toy craze might be? If you could create your own toy, what would it look like?  Use the resources below to design your own toy. :)

Word Puzzles

Word Puzzles 1

Thursday 30th April - Introduction to Decimals

Watch this video about tenths and hundredths then have a go at the homework. :)

Some work on hundredths. Look at the power point to if you are able as it is good practise and you can check your answers. :)

Don't forget to send your doodle for our school art gallery and the recited poem of your choice.  I can't wait to see them. :) 

Wednesday 29th of April 2020 - An Introduction to Tenths

Watch this video about tenths. We will be moving on to hundredths soon but let's start with tenths so you can have a reminder of what they're about. I will upload some work for you to do too.

Here are some tenths fractions and decimals activities. I have also set some 'tenths' work on Mangahigh for you. Remember, for an example, 4/10 as a fraction is 0.4 as a decimal. Try and write your answers in both forms.

Here is a story which I wrote as an example a while back. You may recognise the beginning. Firstly, I'd like you to think of an ending to the story. Will it be a shocking ending, sad ending, happy ending? Could you create a twist where the creature actually turns out to be nice? When you have done this, can you write your own story about a beast? You can do one activity today and another tomorrow. I have attached a planning sheet to help you plan your story.

Here is a lovely book about seeds to look at today. Let me know what you learn from it. :)

As the weather isn't as nice, it is important that you still get out for fresh air.  Just as one of your parents to take you for a walk.  It is important that you also get some exercise.  You need about 20 minutes a day to stay healthy.  Watching a just dance video of your choice and dancing along to it is a good way to keep your heart pumping.  :).  I also advise that you get hold of a cheap skipping rope or hula hoop. Skipping is an amazing exercise.  Even professional body builders skip to keep fit.

Ramadan Mubarak! I hope you have a blessed time during this holy time and that it brings you closer to your creator.

Remember kids, if you are keeping the fasts, drink plenty of water and healthy food at iftar! 


It is important that  you understand the concept of negative numbers before you go into Year 5.  We would have worked a little more on them. Have a go at these.  There are answers on some of the worksheets so you can check your answers. :D

Don't forget to go to the LIVE broadcast of Mangahigh tomorrow.  Some of you will need to log on at 9:00, if you are really confident with maths, you can log on at 11:00 o'clock.  You need to log onto your Mangahigh account before you click on the YouTube link below as you will be using it throughout the session. 


I hope it is useful :) 

Captain Tom Moore, war veteran. How can one person make a big difference? Download the file below for the activity.

Captain Tom Moore, war veteran.  How can one person make a big difference? Download the file below for the activity. 1

This is the file to go with the picture above. Think about the questions and then create a piece of writing about it of your choice. You could write a letter to Captain Tom Moore, you could write letter to the Queen asking her to give him a knighthood. Perhaps you'd like to write a news report about him?

Monday 27th April - you have done perimeter, now it's time to practise area. Remember it's one side times the other side!

Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Here is a poem written and performed by Michael Rosen. Can you find a poem you like and perform it? Make a video of you performing it so we can upload it on our site. Better yet, perform your spring poem for us!

A poem which Ikram wrote about Ramadan.  Remember, you can all share anything creative which you have done on here. :)


Ramadan - by Ikram


What is actual Ramadan?  

The month which was Quran ,

A chance to build up our Imaan,

I seek mercy from Ar Rahman,

To shun Our Sins and spurn The flaws,

While It’s Still the month’s Faizaan,

To pray to our Lord before dawn,

And eat our sahoor Before Azaan,

Perform the salat and read The Quran,

And do that which is his farmaan,

Then keeping up the virtues all year long,

Considering those blessings of Ramadan!

But remember the mosques are closed, 

But it's time to turn our houses to mosques.

I have asked you all to write a spring poem.  If you send them to me I will post them here:


Amina's Spring Poem - by Amina Usman


The birds are squeaking loudly,

People are sitting home,

Following the rules proudly.


People are saying, "When is the lockdown going to end?

So that the shops can open and people can follow the trend?


It's sunny and the wind is blowing,

Looking like the time for flowers to be growing.


Let's all be nice and not be mean,

Let's stay at home and be clean. 


Spring by Mahdi Bukhari

Easter eggs and Easter hunts.
People doing bicycle stunts.

In the garden playing football
with my brother, scoring goals.

Tall, thin, fat and short trees all swaying 
in the cool spring breeze.

Green grass dotted with yellow dandelions, making me sneeze ACHOOO!!

Cooking tasty food in the garden, 
reminding me of Kashmir.

Creating models out of Lego, 
the hot suns rays beam down and 
heat my body.

Riding my scooter wizzing here and there, trying hard not to crash! 

I hope to see my friend again, 
before the summer ends. 


Hope by Mahdi Bukhari

Clapping for the NHS to thank the doctors and nurses
Oh how I want to back to school to see my friends and teachers!
Vacant schools no longer operating, empty playgrounds and silent parks 
Incurable disease your time will come, to be defeated 
Deploying antibodies to save live from covid 19
day at a time we will see this through 
9th birthday of mine coming, but will I be able to see my friends? 

Summer Day of My Life - by Rayyan


Sun is out and the street is full,

Under the sun it's so much fun,

Men and Women eating ice-cream.

Milk chocolate, strawberry ice-cream streaks about to run!

Every day it's stay inside,

Run in your garden, kick a ball it won't harm.


Drive about on your scooter,

Ask your mum "When's lockdown finishing?"

Your mum says 7th May, What!? The day before my birthday!


My Garden Tale - by Hurairah


The sun glimmered in the sky,

The fluffy clouds floated high.


The old oak trees stood quietly,

As the wind blew past, the leaves waved brightly.


I jumped on the trampoline high,

It felt like I could fly!


I could smell the fire burning,

I see the yellow flames brightening.


I hear the buzzing bee coming near me,

It chased me until it saw a flower on the tree.


I rode my scooter as quick as a flash.

Suddenly, into the wall I crash.


It’s so hot, I eat and ice-cream in my tent.

I think ‘when will this lockdown end?’


Mini Art Challenge

Mini Art Challenge 1
Hi guys!  Apparently the government were thinking about opening schools back on the 11th of May but the public have said it is too early so they are delaying it for a little while longer. What do you think?  Can you send a rational (your arguments and thoughts) about whether you think we should go back soon or wait a while longer?  Explain your thoughts and reasons why.  Use facts, opinions and think about the words you are using. 

Friday 24th of April.

Spend time outside!  If you have a garden, or even if you don't, use this day to enjoy the sunshine!  It is the nicest day of the week and the weather is not going to be as good after today.  Either in your garden or on your walk, take a photo, sketch a picture, write a poem or write a descriptive paragraph and send it to me for our web page. :)

Answers to maths for this week :)

Telling the Time 23rd April

Watch this first - it's a bit annoying but the best I could find!

23rd of April - Time work

I have been asked to put more time questions up.

Below are some worksheets in the correct order.  After you have watched the video, complete the first sheet.  The 2nd and third sheets start off easily with the red border and become progressively harder.  See how far you can get.  The answers are on the next page. 

The last excel document if to write down things you do at particular times.  When you have done this throughout the day, find the difference in time between what you did (for example) in box A and what do you in box F.  I hope that makes sense! :D  

Equivalent Fractions

I have been asked to put some more work on equivalent fractions and time. Here is a video about how equivalent fractions work. Tomorrow I will put up some more time questions.
Watch the video. It explains how equivalent fractions work. Remember, if you multiply or divide the numerator or denominator by the same number, it is still an equivalent fraction. That means you would be getting the same portion or cake or whatever but in more or less pieces.

Maths work - Tuesday 21st of April - remember the perimeter is the whole length around the shape.

Heroes at the NHS

Still image for this video
Here is a poem about those in the NHS who are working extra hard to help people. Can you write your own poem for the workers of the NHS?

Bill Withers - Best You Can

Some of you were worried that you were behind with the work. Here is a song by Bill Withers who passed away last week. Listen, enjoy and don't worry!

Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th

I spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven's 5th drawing everything by hand. Any time a character leaves the screen they are being d...

Bill Wither's Lean on me

R.I.P Bill Withers who recently passed away. This is the award ceremony for Bill Withers at the 'Hall of Fame'. You will know the song. Have a listen to as many of his songs as you can. They are wonderful.

Maths Games and Activities Pack for Parents

Easter Homework Projects

The Vegetable Orchestra

Here is a supporting video to help you with your homework :)

Worldwide one of a kind, the Vegetable Orchestra performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables. The utilization of various ever refined vegetable instrume...

The Vegetable Orchestra - Transplants, live @ TEDxVienna

This is a better quality recording :)

Here is a document containing some links to useful websites.

Hi Year 4,


It has been over a week since I put on your first piece of homework.  I just want to let you know what I have spoken to all of the others in Year 4 and everybody is fine.  Some have small colds but nothing more.  I know you are all missing your friends but at least you know they are safe and well.  


Thank you for trying so hard with your homework, both online and the folder I gave you.  Many of you talked me through what you had been doing with it and you have all been amazing.  


Keep tight, stay safe, and this will soon blow over.  Again, thank you for trying so hard.  Miss you all. 


Mr Jones :)

Spellings - here are some spellings we would have normally done.

Here are the answers to the most recent maths.

Friday 3rd of April


Many of you have missed your class mates.  I will be adding some ways which you can keep in touch while we are unable to see each other.  If you send me a message which you would like to say to the class, email it to me and I will put it on a class board.  Make sure you don't give anyway any personal information but you can use your first name :) 

Stories can be read from a book, told to us by someone or by the radio, TV or podcasts. Sometimes stories are read at bedtime, on holidays, at a family member’s home or at a place of worship.

  1. What is your favourite story?
  2. What is your family’s favourite story?
  3. Can you let me know which is your favourite story to share with the class? It might be a story that is in a book. It might be a story that you have been told and it is in your head.

We have spent the year learning about ourselves and each other. We have made friends with Clayton St. John’s and explored our similarities and celebrated our differences. We have so many reasons to be proud*. 

  • Think about yourself: What are you proud of?
  • Think about your family: What are you proud of?
  • Think about your community or where you live: What are you proud of?

When you think about your school, what makes you proud?

Adults at home… can you think of one way that your son/daughter makes you proud?

Write/draw your reasons.

*Sometimes pride can be negative but today we are celebrating all that is good.

 Today it is good to be proud.*

Listen to ‘Proud’ by Heather Small on YouTube

Hopes and dreams

Staying connected

Thursday 2nd of March - The Girl and the Fox

I would like you to watch this. Look up the words compassion and empathy. Where in the film do the girl and fox show compassion and empathy?

Write the story out in your own words. Remember to write each section out in paragraphs, remembering description and preposition. Can you make up some speech to use in inverted commas in places?

Telling the time worksheet - I will be uploading word questions about it tomorrow :)

Wednesday 1st of April.  April fools!!! 

I have assigned some work and some games to your Manga-high!  Have a go and enjoy! 



The first calculation is impossible! Ignore this one! We have been looking at equivalent fractions this half term. Have a go at these and see if you can still remember how to find them. Remember, what ever you do to the top (numerator), you must do to the bottom (denominator) and vice versa!

Monday 30th of March

I hope you have enjoyed the extra light and sunshine we have now that the clocks have gone forward! 


For literacy, I would like to you write a letter either asking for something or complaining about something.  What could you write about?  Perhaps you could complain about there being too much news about the virus!  Maybe you could write to Boris Johnson asking if you can go back to school?  I will leave it up to you.  Feel free to either send a picture of your work, or type it out and attach it to an email, and I will mark it for you! ]



The address on the right hand side,

Start with Dear (and the name of the person you are writing to) followed by a comma.

Write in paragraphs including an introductory paragraph and closing paragraph.

Write 'Yours sincerely'

Write and sign your name.

I have had a parental request for more word problems. I have attached three here which have identical questions but the harder ones deal with larger numbers.

(Thanks to Rayyan's mum who noticed my mistake on Q3 of the worded answers!) Here are the 'correct' answers to last weeks maths work. I have worked them out by hand so that you can see where you may have gone wrong. I will wait until the weekends to reveal the answers to give you all time to have a go as not everyone can get online every day. I hope you are all well!

Friday 27th of March

You should have now written out your story.  Feel free to send pictures of what you have written and I will try to mark them and send them back to you as well as I can.  You need to write a new LO.  LO:  To write out my story using paragraphs. 


As you write it out, try to make improvements as you go. :D 

Maths - you have had a go at the four operations over the last few days. Have a go at these word questions. On Sunday, I will reveal the answers.

Reading comprehension. Here is a reading comprehension which you can print off if you are able. If not, read in on the screen and answer the questions in your purple book. Try to think which 'reading role' each question is linked to as you do them!

Three times table song.

Have a sing along to this. It will help you to remember your three times tables.

Four times tables

Here are the fours!


..and finally, the sixes! :D
Thursday 26th of March
You should be on your last piece of writing for our story now.  This is the ending.  Think of different ways which you could end it.  Are you going to have a romantic ending?  Scary ending? Shocking ending?  A twist (where the unexpected happens), a sad ending or a happy ending? 

Have a go at these bus stop method maths questions. Remember, start from the left and draw out arrays dividing by the divisor on the left. Exchange (carry over) those which cannot fit into a group to the next column.

Wednesday 25th of March

The Preposition Dance LIVE!

For your fourth piece of writing, you have been asked to use preposition in your resolution. This is where your character overcomes the problem or beats the evil character. If they're fighting, think about how you can describe were they or their weapons are, where do the characters jump or leap to?

It's important to keep moving and exercising, so here is a preposition dance video for you to dance to! :D

Column multiplication - see how you get on with these. Remember that each column represents the value of its column.

Column multiplication - see how you get on with these.  Remember that each column represents the value of its column. 1

Can you sort out these vertebrates and non-vertebrates? What can you find out about each animal? Can you write a non-chronological report about these animals?

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Ella and Louis (1956) - [Classic Vocal Jazz Music]

In recorders with Year 5, we have been looking at some early Jazz so I thought I'd share this with you too. This is Louis Armstrong. He was a pioneer of scatting. That means using your voice to make nonsense rhythm and sounds. He had a huge following and influenced amazing trumpet players such as Miles Davis. The singer is Ella Fitzgerald. She is very famous for having such a wonderful voice. Have a listen. I will put a YouTube video of 'Kind of the Swings' from Junglebook It has fantastic scatting in it but if you get a chance, watch the whole original film. It's amazing!

The Jungle Book - I wanna be like you w/lyrics

Now I'm the king of the swingers Oh, the jungle VIP I've reached the top and had to stop And that's what botherin' me I wanna be a man, mancub And stroll rig...

Tuesday 24th March

As part of your second piece of writing, you have been asked to use adverbs to make your climax more exciting. Here is an adverb mat to help you. Try and chose the most exciting adverb you can and remember to use exclamation marks. :)

As part of your second piece of writing, you have been asked to use adverbs to make your climax more exciting.  Here is an adverb mat to help you.  Try and chose the most exciting adverb you can and remember to use exclamation marks. :)  1

Here are some multiplications for you to keep practising. We probably won't have a timetable test but it is such an important part of your learning. I will add a different text every few days. Good luck! :)

He are some column subtraction maths questions. Remember you may need to exchange by 'borrowing' a tan, hundred or thousand from next door. :)

Calculating a fraction of an amount

Watch how we find the fraction of a number. It is really easy and this shows very clearly how to do it. Just message me if you need any help. :)

Then try these calculations.

1/4 of 24 =
3/4 of 24 =

2/6 of 72 =
5/6 of 72 =

2/3 of 42 =
8/9 of 108 =

In Search of the World's Greatest Pianos, Part 41: Fazioli F308

Hi guys, Have a listen to this piano. It is probably the best piano made today. It is over 3 metres long and probably costs about £250,000. The piece he is playing is by Chopin and it is called Fantaisie-Impromptu. I wish I could play like this. Look how difficult it is! Enjoy!

Monday 23rd of March

Lowry Pictures - matchstick people. Look at these Lowry pictures. As an artist, he was fascinated with people who worked in mills. Have a think about what it was like in Bradford, people gathering together to work in the mills sometimes for 12 hours a day in dirty, dangerous conditions!

Lowry Pictures - matchstick people.  Look at these Lowry pictures.  As an artist, he was fascinated with people who worked in mills.  Have a think about what it was like in Bradford, people gathering together to work in the mills sometimes for 12 hours a day in dirty, dangerous conditions! 1
Lowry Pictures - matchstick people.  Look at these Lowry pictures.  As an artist, he was fascinated with people who worked in mills.  Have a think about what it was like in Bradford, people gathering together to work in the mills sometimes for 12 hours a day in dirty, dangerous conditions! 2
Watch the video about conductors and insulators then have a look at the webpage link.  We have created electrical circuits using organic materials in the wild area.  Can you draw an electrical circuit in your purple home book? 
Picture 1 Electrical symbols for your diagram
Picture 2 Which of these would work and which wouldn't? Why?

Column addition - I will be putting up images of worksheets so you can practise the 4 operations.

Column addition - I will be putting up images of worksheets so you can practise the 4 operations.  1