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Attendance & Leave of Absence Requests

At St. Philip’s CE Primary Academy we know that good attendance is the key to success. Attending school every day gives your child the best possible start to their education. By ensuring your child has good school attendance YOU are giving them the best opportunity for success.


Our teachers notice the impact of missing school. Catching up on missed work can be difficult and ultimately can affect your child’s progress and attainment. Teachers worry about your children when they are absent from school, they miss out on learning and gaps in their education are created. Our Governors are also concerned when children are absent, particularly when weeks at a time are missed. They know the impact this gap in their education can have.


A few facts: 

Attendance above 96% means your child has the best chance of success in their education.

 Attendance of 95% for the year equals 10 days that your child has been absent.   A 2 week holiday during term time, means your child’s attendance drops to 95%. … that is up to 50 lessons missed!

Attendance of 90% for the year equals 19 days that your child has been absent, that is almost 4 school weeks missed.90% Attendance means that over the year your child has missed approximately 90 lessons. This is equivalent to having a whole month off school!

Attendance of 85% for the year equals 29 days that your child has been absent per, that is almost 6 school weeks missed.

Attendance of 80% for the year equals 38 days absent per year that is over 7 school weeks missed.

 There are 190 school days in a school year which leaves 175 days for children to spend with their families.


Every day counts and good attendance is the best way to support your child being successful at school.