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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.  It's always busy, busy, busy -  whether it's Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thumping Thursday or Happy Friday!

The Year 2 team consists of me; Mrs Sykes, and  Mrs Owczarek, Mrs Shergill and Mrs Shah!  We promote a love of learning around curiosity and a 'give it a go' attitude.  We're all on this journey together, working as a team and appreciating everyone's differences. We're always here, so please don't hesitate to come by and say 'Hi' and ask us what we're up to!  If you're lucky it could be a day when Eric's in class!

Eric's ready to learn; are you?

Year 2 working out what to say when we feel left out! (PSHE)

Year 2 learning how to play dominoes - demonstrating how to be a great friend! PSHE

We went for a walk to find the plants growing around school! (Science)

Cards to show friends that we appreciate their friendship! (PSHE)

Y2 learning about algorithms by composing dance routines! (Computing)

tt rockstars

Welcome to Half Term 2

This half term we are learning about Who Built Bradford!

Do you recognise any of these Bradford landmarks?

Wow, what an amazing start we have had to the 2019-2020.  I am overly impressed with the new cohort; they're 2 of my favourite things; HAPPY and CONFIDENT!

Here we are collecting our blackberries for our jam.

What a beautiful day for spotting deciduous and evergreen trees!

Outdoor learning day

The pupils spent their maths lesson up in the wildlife area looking for the sum which matched their given answer - they thoroughly enjoyed a different way of learning!

Year 2 visited the Bradford Industrial Museum, the children loved looking at the different modes of transport from over the past 100 years ago.  They especially found it interesting that the car makers; the Jowett Brothers lived on Kensington Street!
This half term we are going back in time to the First World War.  We started our topic off by making poppies as an act of rememberence for all those gave thier lives.

As part of our Creative Curriculum topic; Me and Where I Live', we have been looking at ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  We've discussed diet, exercise, hygiene and sleep. We had a mini olympics to see who is Super fit and Healthy.  Click on the link below to find out who are SUPER HUMAN PUPILS are:

Welcome to Year 2.  I think that my new class are Amazing!  I know that we're in for an amazing year, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to enjoy our journey together!

It's the final half term!

Wow, where has the year gone?  The children have worked so hard and hopefully along the way they've picked up some happy memories.  I say it every year, but I don't want to let these guys go.  Can I go up to Year 3 with them please?

This term will see us visit Scarborough as part of our Seaside and Pirates topic.  We're reading a great story called 'Stanley's Stick'.  Stanley too visits the seaside, but he never goes anywhere without his stick.  He uses his imagination to turn his stick into absolutely anything. Here are some pictures of us with our sticks.  Can you guess what we are pretending they are?

Happy New Year.

Welcome back, I hope that everyone has had a peaceful and fun Christmas break.  This term we will be a busy one with visits to The Alhambra Theater and The Royal Armouries to support our learning with our topic of 'The Magical Kingdom - Vicious Villans. Plus we are holding an after school movie club where the children will be able to extend their understanding of that period of time as well as what makes a good 'baddy.'

New Year = A New Class + A New Start 

Well we're into October and and the New Year 2s feel as if they've always been in Year 2.  They've settled down quickly and are busy getting to grips with the routines and the curriculum.  This half term we are looking at ourselves and where we live.  Here is a little taster of what has been going on!

In school we have loved looking at places we recognise on google earth.  After looking at our school, in teams we made a plan of all of the different rooms here in school!  Here are some of our maps.

On the 20th of September we walked to Cartwright Hall in Manningham Parkl to take part in a Lowry art workshop!  Here are just a few pictures from our day.

In the late summer sun we picked blackberries so we could make our own jam.

Year 2 Celebrating the end of Key Stage SATs.

Year 2's visit to The Royal Armouries in Leeds. Check out our knights in shining armour!

Wow! Didn't we have a wonderful time watching the Pantomime at the Alhambra! Can you spot yourself?

Happy New Year and welcome back.  Hope that everyone has had a peaceful break and are ready for the challenges and fun planned for Half Term 3.

This term we are looking at 'The Magical Kingdom' this entails fairy tales in English and Knights and Lords in our Creative Curriculum lessons.  This term we shall pay The Royal Armouries in Leeds a visit; as well as my most favourite afternoon of the year; The Pantomime at The Alhambra in Bradford to see Peter Pan.

Here are just a few images from our visit to the mosque.

Welcome back after half term.


This half term we will be looking at the event of World War 1.  We will enjoy the story of 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' by Hilary Robinson, this is a story about the friendship of 2 boys who grow up to fight from the trenches of WW1.  

In maths we will be continuing with addition and subtraction and how this helps us with measures; so around the home look at how we measure drinks, food, fabric cleaning products.  We will be visiting a mosque to help us understand the similarities and differences of places of worship.

Here are some pictures form our visit to St Philip's Church.

Here are some pictures from our blackberry jam making experience!  Follow the link below if you want to make some of your own.


September 2016.

Mrs Sykes is looking forward to showing off the children's work to friends and family!

April 2016

Welcome aboard to year 2.  This term we will be learning about pirates; real and made up ones!  In class we will be reading and writing Pirate adventure stories, and once we know what trickery they got up to we will learn all about real life pirates!  We have a pirate cove in the classroom where we can secretly plot our attacks and hid our hoards of treasure.  At the end of the term we will celebrate life as a pirate by joining reception class for a treasure hunt!  

Welcome back to half term 3, I hope everyone had a great fortnight's holiday!  Well, it's all go with our Fairy Taled themed term.  In the first week we are taking a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds to learn more about castles, knights and the way of life back in the middle ages.  In week 2 we have a visiting Pantomime who will be performing the Fairy Tale of Aladdin to us.  During the rest of our learning time we will be discovering everything there is to know about the goodies and the baddies of our much loved tales.  Plus there will be a movie cub on a Friday night after school to watch, discuss and act out our favourite characters.  Who is your favourite fairy tale character?

The Nativity which accompanied our Carol Concert at St Philip's church

Welcome Back to Half Term 2!  I hope you've had a fantastic half term break, and that you're ready for our next half term of hard work.

This half term we are travelling back in time to the first world war- 100 years ago!  We will learn what life was like both on the front line and back at home, and how things had to change. 

During our maths we will becoming more efficient at the formal operations of add, take away, times and divide, and we will apply these to problems which will reinforce our shape and handling data skills. 

Welcome back to our new school year.  I hope you all had an amazing summer!

This term we are learning all about the local area.  What type of houses and shops there are close by.  What other facilities do we know of in our area? How do people get around?  What other locations are near by?  We will be spending time with hands on experiences by walking around and using our art of noticing skills.   In class we will be paying closer attention to our presentation of our work both orally and in writing.

How good at number are you?  This first term we will spend counting, ordering, sequencing, adding numbers not only up to 100, but for those of you who love a challenge 1000!

Where the Poppies Now Grow

Year 2's visit to the Gurdwara

Our visit to St Philip's Church

Handling Data: the children made human graphs!

Cartwright Hall - A Squash & a Squeeze exhibition