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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five...

Hello and welcome to the new Year Five...


We will be your new Teachers from September. I say new... but you already kind of know us. We are both looking forward to the year ahead and hope that you are too!


We want to form a class built on: honesty, politeness and positivity. 

This is your year to shine!


Learning so far...

September 2021


Year Five you rock... It is almost the end of the month and I am very impressed with your learning so far.


You have:


1. Learned about numbers to ONE MILLION... I know!

2. Started to gather Scientific evidence about Earth and Space for Professor Brain Cox... Wow!

3. Exercised weekly on the outdoor gym equipment... Muscles!

4. Started the adventures around a boy called Shane... Way Home

5. Started Samba classes... Beat your own drum!


Check back soon for some photographs...

Science - Earth and Space

An Orrery


This week children were learning about an orrery.


Ramla said - an orrery is a representation of the Solar system

Maryam - an orrery is a mechanical model of the Solar system, which shows how the planets orbit the sun

Rumaysa - an orrery is something that shows how the whole of the eight planets orbit the sun

Muskaan - Duke Orrery invented the first orrery in the 1700s

Making an orrery



October 2021


What fun we have had planning, designing and making our Mars Rovers. If you don't know what a Mars Rover is then ask your child because they are now experts...


Have a look at our Mars Rovers...