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I had a fantastic day yesterday and really enjoyed working with the pupils and staff at St. Philip's, thank you for giving me the opportunity and helping to organise everything. The pupils, without exception, were a credit to the school and it was a pleasure to work with them. They were capable, polite, respectful and well disciplined. They all got on well with each other and knew how to have fun without overstepping any boundaries which made things so much easier for me. I also appreciated the support from all the staff.

Dr. Martin Carette ( Maths/STEM workshop visitor) 

Your Y5 and Y6 children really embraced the idea of active learning. Watching their energy and enthusiasm was refreshing. Their movement, language and mathematical reasoning showed fluency, as well as creativity and imagination!  I was also particularly impressed by your staff, their commitment and ways by which they engaged with the learners. The rapport between staff and children was wonderful, as was their energy and enthusiasm during the training session.

Bryn Lewellen ( Tagtiv8 Active Learning) 

My child is enjoying her time at St Philip's.  She looks forward to coming to school every morning and I am happy with her progress and the teaching at school.

Rumaysa's Mum (Parent)


The school does support my child and me as a parent. When I have concerns, my queries are answered promptly.

Ayra's Mum ( Parent)  


Children can see the progress they are making through praise, achievement, assembly, Textellent and Megamaths. Children really enjoy doing PE with 'Fisical' and also attending after school clubs. We also really enjoy breakfast  club. The children get to have a nice breakfast and interact with children and siblings from other year groups. 

Feroza Jamal (Parent)


St. Philips is a lovely school that takes good care of it's pupils. The staff and teachers are absolutely great and vary caring towards the children.

Allyah's  Mum ( Parent)


I am really happy that my child attends this school as the teachers are absolutely fabulous Fatihima's Mum ( Parent)

I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the behaviour and responsible attitude of the children on the Bikeability course. They were a pleasure to teach and I do hope that some of them will take up cycling as a leisure activity and even a form of transport in the future.
With kind regards
David Dodwell (Bikeability Trainer)


The school has come on leaps and bounds.  The teaching has greatly improved. I feel that the special focus and need that is given to each individual child has been exceptional in improving the teaching over all.

Samera (Parent)


I feel that this is a good school and my child is very happy attending the school.  Both the education and the staff are very good at the school.
Shameem Akhtar (Parent)


 My child really enjoys school and she looks forward to every school day.  I feel the staff at the school are very helpful and they keep me informed about my child's academic progress.

Fakhra Bi (Parent)


I am very pleased that the school is improved with the new head teacher everything is so good and the communication between parents and staff is amazing you can approach them anytime very happy with the school.

Rukhsana Kauser (Parent)


The school is improving a lot better than before I am happy about all the changes made around the school and the teaching. I get feedback every week about school in newsletters and anything else we need to know about changes made.

Manawar Hussain (Parent)


I think the school is very good and has improved.  Very good communication between teachers and parents - it is so much better and you can talk to them anytime you want.

Sidra Shakoor (Parent)


The best part of the school is its Teacher Child relationship. With the Head Teacher waiting at the entrance for the pupils in itself is very motivating.  The Teachers attention to individual pupil is good and motivates them to work and learn better.  They have increased the interaction between parents and Teachers enabling us to work toward the targets together.

Nida Sarfraz (Parent)


 I am very pleased about how the changes are made about this school since the new head teacher has arrived there has been many changes in the school and the way the teaching is done very happy with the school and the changes.
Tahira Bi (Parent)


 I would like to say how the school has improved in so many ways how the teaching has improved in many different aspects. since the new head teacher has come the school has become very friendly and you can talk about anything without any fear.

Salma Sajid (Parent)