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Year 6

Hello there and welcome to Year Six.


Our class consists of:

* 29 wonderful pupils

* one teacher - Mrs Mackenzie-Hollies

* one cover supervisor - Mrs Ahmed

* one learning assistant - Mrs Owczarek


Our motto is: ...GIAG... (give it a go)


  • The school day starts promptly in class at 8.40 am. Please use the soft start from 8.30 am to ensure your child is on time. If your child is late to school, please bring them to the school office to sign them in.
  • If children bring in a snack to school - it must be healthy. 
  • Please make sure all belongings are labelled.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and collected in on a Monday
  • Year 6 have a library book changing slot on a Wednesday morning. Normal reading books can be changed any day.
  • PE days - Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.

Come and have a look at what Year Six have been getting up to...


See below...

Maths - a whole unit around Maths and baking...


Music - Solfa ladder

Still image for this video
Year Six have been learning about notation and singing notes in a scale - known as the Solfa ladder.

MUSIC - Theme and Variation

Science unit - Electricity


What do you now know?

'A battery can be called a cell' - Ahad

'Electricity can be dangerous. So be careful when using it or if you are around it!' - Meher

'Our nearest power station to supply us with electricity is near Castleford' - Maryam A

'Batteries are measured in volts and a standard battery is 1.5V' - Zain

Science - Electricity

Some of our current Art and Design work...

Some of our current learning in Science - blood smoothies

Remember you now have our log on details for...

Please log on at least three times a week.



JOURNEY TO JO'BURG - Beverley Naidoo


This is the story of love, commitment and the flowering of the human spirit against the background of South Africa's apartheid. Frightened that their baby sister Dineo will die, thirteen-year-old Naledi and her younger brother Tiro run away from their grandmother to Johannesburg to find their mother, who works there as a maid. Their journey illustrates at every turn the grim realities of apartheid -- the pass laws, racism and the breakdown of family life. 




A wonderful selection of poems that give inspiration and positive words about the world we live in. My favourite poem from the book is called, 'The Minister for exams'. It made me laugh out loud!



Suffragettes - Battle for equality - David Roberts

Ever wondered how women got the right to vote? Ever wondered at what lengths these women went to? Well you're in for a treat - read this book to learn about an important chapter of History...