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What a perfect day for Playground Bagels!

St Philip's have been fortunate to secure DfE funding through the Magic Breakfast scheme recently.

 We have regular deliveries of free breakfast items for the next four terms so we've been taste-testing the Bagels with our pupils since late December in lots of different ways...

You've tried them at break times, normal breakfast club, family breakfasts, class events, reward events etc. We have now started "Playground Bagels" where we will take hot buttered bagels out to pupils as they arrive at school to eat on their way between the school gate and their class. This is free of charge but will ensure that some, who may miss their breakfast for whatever reason, don't start their school day hungry but are instead ready to learn. From next Monday, we will aim to provide this service daily at approximately 8.35am until the trays are empty.

Our "Office bagels" part of the plan will provide something to eat for pupils that do come late to school and need to sit  outside the office waiting for Collective Worship to finish. Mmmm Bagels......